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NATO - Charter on a Distinctive Partnership between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Ukraine

NATO Allies will continue to support Ukrainian sovereignty and independence, territorial integrity, democratic development, economic prosperity and its status as a non-nuclear weapon state, and the principle of inviolability of frontiers, as key factors of stability and security in Central and Eastern Europe and in the continent as a whole

NATO Response Force

The NRF provides a visible assurance of NATO’s cohesion and commitment to deterrence and collective defence. Each rotation of the force has to prepare itself for a wide range of tasks. These include contributing to thepreservation of territorial integrity, making a demonstration of force, peace support operations, disaster relief, protecting critical infrastructure and security operations.


Commander Ian Fleming (Dominic Cooper) is away in neutral Lisbon, where he squanders Naval Intelligence petty cash gambling at cards against uniformed Germans in the casino. Then he goes to the gents’ and rescues a pretty refugee. Her Nazi rapist lies dead on the bathroom floor, garrotted with cheese-wire by a man in evening dress who scuttles out. “Help me! I’m Jewish,” she says. What’s an Old Etonian chap to do? Fleming politely ushers her out, and locks the door on the dead man.

Nicholas Rankin, author of Ian Fleming’s Commandos: The Story of the Legendary 30 Assault Unit, on Ian Fleming’s adventures during the Second World War.

Image: Ian Fleming (Dominic Cooper) in Fleming (c) BBC America.


Ian Fleming’s recruitment into British Naval Intelligence had nothing to do with Churchill… The move began with Admiral “Blinker” Hall, the spymaster whose skilful exploitation of the Zimmerman Telegram helped bring the United States into the First World War. Hall had come out of retirement on the eve of another world war to coach the new Director of Naval Intelligence, Admiral John Godfrey, and advised him to look for a smooth “fixer” from the City of London to help him. Montagu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England, hand-picked Ian Fleming…

Nicholas Rankin, author of Ian Fleming’s Commandos: The Story of the Legendary 30 Assault Unit, analyses the first episode of Fleming and the early career of the creator of James Bond.

Image: Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming in Fleming. (c) BBC Worldwide Americas.


HERE ARE SOME PHOTOGRAPHS I TOOK OF THE BIG ICE STORM. Wow, I don’t know what to say. The holidays are always rough for me but these photos capture an energizing and inspiring moment. This past semester I learned a lot about Romanticism, J. M . W. Turner and the sublime. It was nice to experience it firsthand. I have a lot of room for improvement in my photography, though. I don’t even know where to begin.

Sorry for the inactivity. I stopped updating with doodles because they were distracting me from personal projects I wanted to work on. I stopped updating with life sketches because they weren’t leading to anything. The reason I started this blog and gave myself a schedule was because I thought it would motivate me. Instead I just felt like I was spamming very unfinished work and not making any progress on what I really wanted to show people. Now I have Kanye West telling me it’s about quantity, not quality, and I don’t know what to think. I’ll figure it out in time but right now I’m just quietly doing my own thing.

J-Rex IS BACK! Keeping it next level as always my friend.

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